2014 Weddings and Themes

That’s most of the Spring Weddings under our belt this year, with a mixed bag of weather as always, with most taking place in the Scottish Borders area – Dryburgh Abbey, Smailholm Church, Macdonald Cardrona Hotel, The Lodge at Carfraemill, Mansfield House Hotel, Minto Church.

Yesterday, however, down into Northumberland to Brinkburn Priory near Rothbury


The variety over last few months has included horses,, carriages, some lovely flowergirls and page-boys, and so many varied wedding themes and colours which is lovely to see and photograph.

See below how a venue can differ so much from one wedding to another.  The three images at the bottom show the Dryburgh Suite at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel looking very different over a few weeks with different colour themes.

DryburghWedding_HeidiandScott372 DryburghWedding_Kerr244

Black and Gold Wedding Breakfast theme

Wedding Breakfast colour themes in Dryburgh 



Bride with surprise visitor to Wedding

Bride with surprise visitor to Wedding

Black and gold Wedding theme

Black and gold Wedding theme

Wedding Dryburgh

Wedding Dryburgh

Blue wedding theme

Blue wedding theme

Horse and Carriage at Dryburgh Abbey

Horse and Carriage at Dryburgh Abbey       

Vintage seems to be another popular theme at the moment, both in photographs and styles.

BrinkburnPrioryWedding_Owen031 BrinkburnPrioryWedding_Owen222A CaddonfootWedding|Nightingale279 IMG_0555




Ayrshire Wedding of Lynsey and Andy

After finishing our friday wedding we headed through to near Beith in Ayrshire to be guests and photographers at Lynsey and Andy’s Wedding at their home, Coldstream Mill.

With the couple being flat mates and best friends with daughter Karen at Uni  it makes being involved that bit special for Harry and I, (and comes with extra pressure!)   Having arrived to stay at Bowfield Hotel and Country Club , just a few miles away, the first problem we faced was the wi fi, although available,took about half an hour per click of the mouse.    Not ideal when my routine is always to work on at night following one wedding before starting another!

With the setting in a lovely marquee beside the dam and preparations, hair and make up, being done in their house just about 50 yardsaway, it couldn’t have been better.    Friend of the bride, James and hairdresser, (Scottish Salon of the Year Winner 2013 -

James Hughes Hairdressing Glasgow – https://www.facebook.com/jameshugheshairdressing)James Hugh HairdressingJames needed to start very early  with the amount of bridesmaids, flower girls  etc.  requiring attention.  I later in the day photographed James with just some of his 20+ clients who just happened to be guests at this wedding.


Having met up with Lynsey last week to go over her groupings and requested photographs, it was decided that fun and relaxed should be the order of the day.  Here is a selection of those taken.  Congrats to the happy couple.



The ceremony also had a personal touch.  It was conducted by Humanist Celebrant Leslie Mitchell who had been one of Lynsey’s lecturers while at Stirling University.

Humanist Wedding Celebrant Leslie Mitchell

The bride and some of the bridesmaids had also been involved previously in Gaelic Football while at Stirling Uni.  In the fitness vain the photographer, in her wisdom, set them a challenge to create more of a fun wedding image.  The first image below was Karen and David trialling the move.  The second image shows it just wasn’t going to work!!!!!

fun wedding


bride with bridesmaids





Miller on the dance floor!


Crutherland House Wedding & Ednam House Wedding

Busy weekend spent photographing weddings in the type of weather every bride wishes for – the sun!  Everyone thinks photographers hate the sun, but what’s not to like about the heat at the moment. Erin and Chris married at Kelso with supporting family and friends from Australia who had arrived for their big day.

The wedding certainly had that fun element, similar to Chris’ sister Niki’s wedding to Oli,  which we also had the privilege to photograph back in October in Northumberland.  Always nice to catch up again with a couple whose wedding we have photographed.


Following our day in Kelso, Harry and I then headed to Hamilton on Saturday to photograph Jon and Catherine’s Wedding.  Reception followed at Crutherland House, East Kilbride, which we attended as guests.  Lovely day.  



Fun Wedding – Star Wars – May the Fourth be with you!

Kelso North Parish Church and Springwood Park was the setting today for a fun wedding which saw the guys in the wedding party adopting a Star Wars theme.  The 4th of May is known as Star Wars Day with the quote ‘May the Fourth be with you’!!     Graham and Lorna introduced a lot of  fun elements into their wedding day – light sabres, Sophie the golden retriever who didn’t put a foot (paw) wrong as the ring bearer,  and a  Volkswagon Beetle and Campervan for wedding transport,  - great material for a wedding photographer to work with.

Kelso Wedding

Sunny saturday saw Harry and I taking off for a Kelso Wedding.  Jenna and Graeme got married at Kelso North Parish Church, followed by some photos in Kelso Abbey before heading off to The Lodge at Carfraemill.  At Carfraemill a small selection of baby photographs were displayed of the wedding party.  I spotted the following one – Graeme as a Toddler at Greenlaw and Graeme The Groom today  -  both taken by yours truly!   Its always nice to catch up with families you have come across in the past .  Lovely wedding and lovely couple.                                   


Chesters Estate venue for first Spring Wedding

An unusually warm, sunny day on Saturday let us explore a new wedding venue in the Scottish Borders – Chesters Estate.    Situated between Ancrum and Denholm, this is where  Hawick couple  Nina and Stuart got married.    The house featured on Channel 4′s Country House Rescue with Ruth Watson.

The day didn’t get off to the greatest of starts with the photographer tripping and crashing into a staircase while doing the ‘getting ready’ shots.   The things a photographer does to try and get peoples attention!!      For years I have carried a hard hat, yellow jacket and safety boots in the car for  my commercial jobs,  but naturally prefer a nice suit for wedding work  - may need to re think.  Alternatively use Harry’s speciality  to do me a safety assessment –    www.reiverplan.co.uk          However,  a stroke of good luck for me, the bride’s father was a paramedic,  so after a couple of paracetamols later  the photos were done!!  Thank you to Dad Derek, and mum for the cold compress.

Here is a small selection from  the day.

Earlston High School Christmas Show

Another success for Jeff Thomson and the kids at Earlston High School. The Christmas concert featured all the choirs, orchestras and a small production of The Jersey Boys.   I have had the opportunity of photographing many shows for music teacher Jeff Thomson over the years and as always they never fail to disappoint.  The quality of talent on stage is just unbelievable.    It is also such a pleasure to see the pupils each year develop and grow as actors, singers and dancers.

Two such pupils, Jack Lowden and Leigh Lothian, who we first photographed a number of years ago at Earlston High School are now appearing in the West End in London, in Chariots of Fire.  We travelled down to see them in the show a few weeks ago and it was amazing.  It finishes soon so go if you get the chance.

Here are some of the 2012 pupils who dream of following in their footsteps.  With Jeff’s encourage and teaching anything is possible!!


Autumn and Winter Weddings – Making the most of the Seasons

Weddings in poor weather can  be one of the main challenges a wedding photographer can face.  For an experienced wedding photographer it can also be the most rewarding.   In the last 2 months we have had soggy ground, mist, rain and snow.  With props, (quad bikes, wellies and brollies), and helpful grooms who can give the bride and piggy back (!) we get to the places we want to be and make the most of what we are presented with.  This provides a great deal of satisfaction and fun in the process.  Here are a few examples taken recently in Northumberland, The Roxburghe at Kelso, Dryburgh Abbey, and Macdonald Cardrona.